"Have you ever had unexplained back pain or experienced sadness at the loss of a friend or family member? These can be caused by trapped emotions. Did you know 90% of physical pain is due to “emotional baggage” which are trapped emotions and these are the single biggest underlying cause for every disease. There is no reason to suffer! The body records these emotions and thus they can be found and released. This amazing healing process can help you release those emotions and bring you healing. "

   ~ Vicki Volby, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP)

                               Certified Body Code Practitioner (CBCP)

ReNewAll Energy


From actual clients Vicki has helped.

Beth Hatch - testimonial for ReNewAll Energy.
Neck Pain

I called Vicki Volby to help me with my neck pain, which was becoming constant and medium-level. Although I was seeing a good chiropractor regularly, my neck was simply not retaining the adjustments for more than a few days. In our first energy session, my entire neck shifted (I could hear the vertebrae moving and crackling when I turned my head) and since then, my neck can now sustain a maintenance schedule of every 2 to 3 weeks. I am delighted.

As if that were not enough, I have also seen a significant improvement in the low-level infection I have had in the root of a broken tooth. I am delighted with Vicki’s gentle energy work and cannot recommend her enough.

Donna Denise.
Lower Back Pain

I have always had a lot of lower back pain in my left side. It was always difficult for me to sleep at night and get up from a chair after sitting, because I was in pain all the time. Since doing an energy work session with Vicki I have not had any pain in my lower left side of my back whatsoever. I did not mention that I had asthma, but it came up about half way through our session, and with the correction Vicki provided my asthma is much improved.


Danny Boy.
"Danny Boy" – Shih Tzu

Danny was adopted at four years old after coming into foster care as an abused dog. He has always been terrified of riding in the car and would shake uncontrollably when he knew it was time to go for a ride in the car. Even a special calming jacket didn't help. After one session with Vicki, Danny was more relaxed. On the way home from the session, he did not shake or show one sign of fear. He actually stood on my lap and looked out the window, which he has never done before. About a month after the session we went to the veterinarian for his yearly checkup and Danny was absolutely fine in the car.



Hello it is Kym. One more time, I have to commend Vicki for helping me in my time of need. On August 6th,2016, I was at work and I just felt different. My co-worker asked if it was my sugar levels, I said no this feels a little different then that. I continued to work. As time went on, I was feeling worse, blurred vision, speech was slurred, balance was off, sweating, heart racing,etc.... I had a friend take my blood pressure 170/102 so I went to the local clinic. They got me in right away. As I was waiting for the doctor I called Vicki and said something is majorly wrong, I gave her my symptoms,meanwhile the doctor returned, said I was having a dizzy spell and sent me home. This was no dizzy spell. Vicki called back right away and said I was having a stroke which I firmly believe. I am not remembering where the blood clots were, but there have been several and we continue to work on them. I also have had gall stones and gall bladder issues that are no longer an issue. I believe in this more than I do western medicine. Kuddos to this great lady and what she does. I might not be here today if it wasn't for her work. Thank you!!


Back Pain

I have suffered with back pain for more than 10 years. I saw a doctor several times about the problem. I was prescribed physical therapy as well. The pain seemed better, then would gradually return. I was diagnosed with a degenerative disk in my lower back. This spring the condition worsened enough that I had trouble riding in a car for more than a few minutes. My back was so uncomfortable. Then the pain started to radiate down my leg. I became concerned because we were planning a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters. How could I travel in a car or even a canoe for that matter? After visiting with Vicki about my back pain I she told me she.could help me. The very next day I began to feel relief. Almost immediately my back was better. And there was no more pain down my leg. Shortly after that trip we planned an even longer trip. I flew to Alaska, met my husband and we road a motorcycle almost 1800 miles. It's amazing--with no back pain!


Headache and Nausea

In May 2016 I was privileged to take a trip to Israel/Palestine! Temperatures were in the 115 degrees F range and we were in sun for lengthy periods of time. We drank water like fishes, but it wasn’t enough. On one of those days, I developed a severe headache and by the time we returned to our hotel, I was so nauseated I couldn’t even eat dinner. So I sent a message to Vicki in the US and explained what was going on, asking her if she thought she could help. She went to work on the problem immediately, and by the end of the session I was feeling much better. By the next day, both headache and nausea were a thing of the past, and I had no more problems for the rest of the trip. I am so thankful for Vicki’s energy work! It is effective even from halfway across the world!


Miniature Horse

The first thing I did this morning after I saw that Penyo was starting to founder was to call my friend, Vicki. She did a session on Penyo, releasing a lot of negative energy and correcting misalignments that had started in her hooves. Now she appears to be almost normal. Penyo is recovering nicely. Just took her for a sort walk to see how she is doing, she was trotting around me! Thank you Vicki.


Border collie

Willow, our border collie, has a long history of fearful and reactive behavior. We started to work with Vicki when, at more than two years of age, Willow started to chase the cat she had lived with since she came home as a puppy. We saw immediate improvement in Willow's behavior and over some months we were able to work on a number of other challenging behaviors. We are very thankful for Vicki's help in keeping our Willow a part of our family.


Standard Poodle

I have to say this. I found some tumors on my 7 yr old St. Poodle this past Wed, It is in his loin area. the size of a small egg, I had asked Vicki to work on him, It is now Fri, the tumor is currently the size of a nickel, Your work continues to amaze me. Thank You from me and Aramys.

ReNewAll Energy testimonial - Yorkie-Poo.
"Chopper" – Yorkiepoo

I am the owner of Chopper Dickens, a 5 year old Yorkie-Poo.  Chopper suddenly went blind within three days of being put on a Diabetic diet and insulin.  Once Vicki worked with Chopper, he began to see again.  He hadn't played with the cat since October 2014, and a couple days after Vicki's visit working with Chopper he began chasing the cat around the house again.  I was delighted to see my puppy acting normal! 

My heart was broken thinking he would never play outside in his swimming pool again, or ever chase a ball again. Sometimes he just sat and stared into space.  As I watched him walk into things, I became more and more depressed. But now he is back to his usual activities! 

My husband went to Florida around this time, and as soon as he walked in the door he noticed something different about Chopper.  Then he stated how well Chopper seemed to be adapting to blindness.  That's when I told him about Vicki and her energy work. 

It has been a couple months now and I am overjoyed to share that my Chopper can still see.  His eyesight is getting better daily. He is my happy little dog once again.


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"Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and companies, and deny equal privileges to others, and will constitute the Bastille of medical science."
~ Dr. Benjamin Rush